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On Wednesdays we rock pink 👩🏼‍🎤⁠

Perfectly pink hair by our partner salon, Magnolia Jane Salon (@magnoliajanesalon) in New Bern, NC. Follow their page for great hair and beauty!⁠

➡️ @hairbymaggs⁠
➡️ @magnoliajanesalon

Good things come in pretty packaging 🎁⁠

We are showcasing another offering from our 2020 Holiday Collection.⁠

Wash, Rinse, Treat, and Repeat by @evohair⁠
This super cute giftbox is available in The Therapist or Ritual line. The set includes Shampoo, Conditioner, and 2 complimentary travel styling products, and giftbox.⁠

These are available to order during our Holiday Presale Event so that you can have these products on your shelf before the holiday day season. Order now by emailing 🎅🏽

What is it that they say in South Carolina? Smiling Faces and Beautiful Places ❤️ And please add GORGEOUS hair to that saying 😉⁠

We love this family picture of our partner salon, Living Color Salon and Spa (@livingcolorsalonandspa), in Beaufort, SC. Make sure to follow them for great hair and wellness tips!⁠

📸 @hazelandjoyphotography

Pumpkin spice 🍂☕⁠
Gorgeous hair by Jessica (@jessicabfoundrysalon) at partner salon, The Foundry Salon (@thefoundrysalon), in New Braunfels, TX. Make sure to follow both accounts for exciting hair and beauty!⁠

💈 Get to know our British Barbers' Association Holiday Gift box!💈⁠

The Happy Husband Box includes:⁠
-Thickening Shampoo⁠
-Stimulating Conditioner⁠
-Defining Gel⁠
-Sleek gift box that can be directly mailed!⁠

📬 Order your gift boxes today during our Holiday Pre-Sale Collection Event!⁠

BBA Men's Grooming (@bbagrooming) are products created and formulated by the most elite and experienced British barbers. The collection was created by using these experts' industry knowledge and experience to develop luxury products. ⁠


Just a reminder to take a deep breath and then take the next step! Don’t forget we are with you all the way. #sundaysupport
📸 & wisdom by @drjennhardy

Have you heard the news??? We have OPC's latest product "Black Lightening Cream" with Activated Charcoal. Ask your BDM today about the presale special. 🖤 🎇⁠

✔️New formula with more conditioning agents⁠
✔️ Allows application on hair and skin⁠
✔️ Strong neutralizing power even in darker tones⁠
✔️ Neutralization with ash effects⁠
✔️ Activated charcoal enhances absorption of the product, improving the result⁠
✔️ Activated charcoal purifies and oxygenates hair, avoiding pollution damages⁠
➡️ Mix: 1:2 ratio with 10, 20 & 30vol.


@evohair salon Canvas Beauty Bar (@canvasboone) in Boone, NC knows all about the BOUNCE!!! Ask us about @evohair 's new curl line- you won't be disappointed!

🍂💛 Shades of Fall 💛🍂⁠
We can't get enough for this warmth and shine. Hair by partner salon Magnolia Jane Salon (@magnoliajanesalon) in New Bern, NC. Don't forget to follow their page for more beautiful shades of fall. ♥️

We love a good group shot, especially when it's of one of our new partners. Welcome to the family Headline Hair Designers ( in Kingsland, GA! Everyone say "hi!" 🖐🏼 in the comments and make sure to follow Headline Hair Designers.⁠

Santa Claus is coming to town!!! We have extended our Holiday Pre-Sale to October 30, 2020! Place your order by next Friday to ensure delivery before Thanksgiving. ...

❓Did you know that Forbes, Bloomberg Business Week, and Wired magazine are all predicting 40% or more increase in holiday *shipping* this year?⁠

❓Did you also know that our custom made holiday mailer boxes are printed on recycled, corrugated paper with triple thickness so that you can directly ship them by simply putting a mailer label on them?⁠

Our team designed these boxes to fit several items. Large enough for a tool and products, or switch it up with skincare and makeup. These boxes are not specific to any one brand so they're the perfect addition to "Build-your-own-box" holiday events. 🎁⁠

Make sure you're prepare for this holiday season by placing your order ASAP since there is a great possibility shipping times may be longer this year.⁠

🎄Happy Shopping!!! 'Tis the Season to feel GORGEOUS! 💋

🎄Do you know the story behind a traditional Christmas bonbon?? 🎄⁠

Originally, the Christmas bonbon is a cardboard paper tube, wrapped in brightly colored paper and twisted at both ends. Inside the cracker, there is a paper crown made from tissue paper, a joke on a slip of paper, and a little gift. This is served with your holiday dinners in hopes of a joyous holiday season full of cheer and laughter.⁠

Order your @evohair bonbons today during our holiday presale! The bonbon includes the traditional joke, a tissue crown, and gift 🙂 PLUS instead of crackers you get AMAZING evo travel size products which is sure to be a hit this holiday season.⁠

💎 Beautiful Blues 💎 Hair by Frankee (@hair.byfrankee) at partner salon Dane Delane Salon Studio (@dane_delane_salon_studio) in Ocean Isle, NC. Follow both accounts for gorgeous hair! ...

Sugar & Spice! Nothing like a beautiful fall blonde. 👱🏼‍♀️ 💛⁠

Hair by Kayla (@kmitchellartistry) at Living Color Salon and Spa (@livingcolorsalonandspa) in Beaufort, SC.

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