“I’ve used the Demi and Permanent line from Evo’s, Hue-verse, and I’m so in love! I’m almost overwhelmed by the simplicity compared to my old line. Even just putting the color on my shelves I have so much more room!”
— Joscelyn, Owner of Outside the Lines Salon in San Antonio, TX

“Working with HC Beauty has been such a delight. I first became acquainted with them as I was opening my salon. Navigating brands, products, and my overall needs was made easier with their support. I love that they are a small business; I feel like I could call everyone by name, from who is packing my orders to the owner of the company.

There are countless opportunities throughout the year to attend continuing education or learn a new skill. Under HC Beauty’s guidance, I have been able to further my career as an educator and have received many opportunities to learn from global artists.

I’ve never experienced so much support from a distribution company before HC Beauty. They are truly one of a kind.”
— Kelsey, Salon Owner of The Collective Studio in Atlanta, GA

“The Organethic Pure Care color is a game changer in the world of beauty. We all agree it’s the best color line we’ve ever worked with. Our clients LOVE the smell and the shine is out of this world. We all feel like reborn colorists!!!”
— Laura, Salon Owner of Magnolia Jane Salon, New Bern, NC

“I was overdue to upgrade my hairdryer and my only regret is not doing it sooner! The Zizi Joon Hair Dryer is so lightweight and drys my hair smoothly – I can actually dry and style my hair now! The temperature settings are a huge plus – it still dries quickly without it getting too hot.”
— Megan, Salon Guest, Charlotte, NC

“As soon as I got my Zizi Joon hair dryer, I loved that it came with two nozzle options. My favorite is the skinnier nozzle because it concentrates the airflow so well and creates a shinier, more polished blow out! It keeps those fly aways away! Also, my favorite paddle brush EVER is the Zizi Joon paddle brush. It really smoothes and shines, gives a beautiful straighter look, and is easy on the wrist!”
— Siobhan, Stylist, Charlotte, NC

“Since using Organethic Pure Care my hair has never felt more healthy and silky. I am in love with this product!”
— Diane – Salon Guest, Charlotte, NC

“My experience with the Organethic Pure Care INCA restructuring line has been outstanding! Being in a salon environment daily, the inspiration to change my look is constant. Having a line of products that can bring life, shine, and softness to my hair, and protect it from what I put it through is reassuring! My guests who have similar concerns with maintaining beautiful healthy hair while having the freedom to change their look are extremely impressed with OPC INCA line.”
— Stephanie, Stylist, Charlotte, NC

“Arsalan and the entire team at HC Beauty have gone above and beyond our expectations to support our business and help us take it to the next level. We have a new approach, the staff is excited and inspired. Offering Organic Pure Care to our clients has increased our product sales by 24%. Everyone at HC Beauty truly cares about this industry and our success.”
— Charleane, Owner, Austral Salon in Columbia, SC

“Arsalan and the team of HC Beauty have been the single best thing to help me focus and take my business to the next level. They always go above and beyond the standard of customer service of other distributors in our industry. I highly recommend their consulting as well as the products they distribute. Their knowledge of the industry, and the needs of stylists and salon owners is unparalleled.”
— Laura, Halcyon Salon in Shelby, NC