Fundamental and creative in-salon training from our expert team backed with exclusive access to studio and virtual work-shops to keep your creative juices flowing and feeling confident behind the chair.


Conquer the Combo – Evo Fundamental Styling

Like peanuts to butter, a burger to fries. Some things were made for one another…
Our products are no exception. Join us for an interactive styling session
and learn to cocktail, blend and layer product combos to create unique finishes and
extend the Evo range and its performance.

Blow with the Flow – Evo Fundamental Styling

Go with the flow of the blow-dryer as you dominate heat styling from start to finish.
This course covers twisting, wrap-drying, diffusing, curlingand waving and will teach
you to use hot tools, brushes and styling products of all varieties across all hair
types. Be relaxed and ready for whoever lands in your chair next.

Styling & Finishing – OPC Styling

This course will teach you the properties and versatility of
OPC Styling & Finishing products and how to use them.

Curl Experience – OPC Styling

This course will teach you everything there is to know
about curly hair: how to control or accentuate it using specific OPC products.


One Stop Chop – Evo Fundamental Cutting

Let this be your one-stop-shop for haircutting fundamentals. Learn to perfect layering, shags,
mullets and bobs then enhance your cuts with the right styling techniques. Thanks to this hands-on
session, you’ll be able to chop your way to success on the salon floor.


Shade Shifter – Evo Color

You can create any shade you can imagine when you’ve got Fab Pro and Staino at your fingertips.
Get to know Evo’s direct dye technology as you transform your skills in mixology, at-home maintenance
and bespoke color glory… Then learn to remove your creation so you can start all over again.

Light Side of Life – Evo Color

Always look on the light side of life as you master fundamental lightening techniques
using the Bottle Blonde portfolio. We’ll cover the lightening process and developer
usage and teach you to perfect your skills in foiling, freehand painting and on-scalp lightening.

Not For The Paint Hearted – Evo Color

The dispelling of theories… The forging of new frontiers… This color theory class is everything you
could need when it comes to our color. Go forth, perfect your skills in color selection, mixing, toning,
lightening and removal.

Ritual Color – OPC Color

This course will teach you how to use the OPC color ranges and our signature Color Ritual.

Ritual Lightening – OPC Color

This course will teach you everything there is to know about OPC bleaching products and
our signature Lightening Ritual to create perfect blondes.

Color & Neutralizing – OPC Color

This course will teach you the toning methods to neutralize unwanted tones and maintain
the hair’s natural or cosmetic highlights.


Take Shape – Evo Styling

Horizontal waves, tunnel braids, sleek pony tails, textured buns… These are just some of the
advanced styles you’ll build from the ground up. Lay the foundations for long-lasting shape then
top it all off with the right finishing techniques. After this, everything will fall perfectly
into place (and stay that way).

Cut Both Ways – Evo Creative Cutting

Become the most versatile haircutter out as you conquer advanced creative cutting techniques that
can be tailored to each and every client. Delve into directional layering, graduation, disconnection
and texturisation… Then learn to adapt your cut to any hair type, face shape and client.

Do or Dye – Evo High Impact Color

Go hard or go home with Bottle Blonde, Staino and Hue-verse in tow. Create high-impact, head-turning
looks from beginning to end and dive headfirst into foil work, formulation, color placement and
blending techniques. It’s all or nothing.

You Know Hue – Evo Dimensional Color

You know who can keep up with color trends? You can, after this dimensional coloring course. Perfect
Hue-verse formulation then become confident in on-trend creative techniques like color blocking, precision
blends, multidimensional lightening and coloring with natural fall.


Wellness Ritual Treatment – Hair Spa Experience

This course will teach you how to deal with scalp conditions using OPC’s holistic and plant-based approach.

Curl Experience – OPC Color

This curly coloring class will have participants feeling confident in their ability to create
customizedcolor solutions for clients with curly hair, while prioritizing the maintenance and
care required to preserve the overall health of the curls.

True Keratin

An alternative to harmful keratin treatments, True Keratin is an eco-friendly natural hair care
line providing high quality performance products. The True Keratin brand consists of four different
lines designed to complement any hair type. We will explore all four lines and teach proper application
of the product.

Inca Glow Smoothing System

Looking for solutions for dry, frizzy, and dull hair? Join us for our day of smooth and get certified
in our Inca Glow Smoothing Treatment with Inca Glow Educator, Robert Champion. This full-day class will
be a combination of theory, demonstration, and hands-on. Participants will be responsible for providing
their own model. HC Beauty is happy to assist in recruiting live models if needed.



An all day, hands-on, tape-in certification class with a 3 learner minimum.

Hand-tied Weft

An all day, hands-on, hand-tied weft certification class with a 3 learner minimum.

Seamless Strands

An all day, hands-on, seamless strands certification class with a 3 learner minimum.

Tape-in + Seamless Strands

A full day, hands-on, certification combo class for tape-ins
and seamless strands with a 3 learner minimum.

Hand-tied + Seamless Strands

A full day, hands-on, certification combo class for hand-tied wefts and
seamless strands with a 3 learner minimum.

Support Day

A full day of support from an HC Beauty educator for a minimum of 3 learners. Support includes a Q&A session
followed by extension application under educator guidance.

Master Class

A two day, hands-on, Platinum Seamless Master Class with a 5 learner minimum. Certification in Tape-In,
Hand-Tied Weft, and Seamless Strand Extensions.